Different strategies of positioning a product in a niche: what would be more successful?

Positioning is an art of capturing a soft corner in your customers’ minds and you can do it in different ways. This is what your customer would know about your product and what would stand for the rest of the world regarding for you too. Let’s see some of the examples of positioning your product in your selected niche or niches.

Price or quality positioning: If your product is such very high in quality, then this is for you. Whenever a product has high quality, which is always consecrated with the highest price margins. Here what you remember when you are saying high-quality, it always results in less-bulk, long life-time, safety, excellent after sales services, warranty, ISO certifications and it should give the feeling to your customer that it worths to their paying. If your product has all of them, then you can set market above price margin for it for sure. In addition, since you have the ability of producing high quality product, it is always advisable to concentrate much on your branding because quality-seekers would prefer to buy bands rather than just looking for products.

Benefits positioning: As a good marketer as well as a good businessperson, you should always say that you are selling benefits rather than just saying you have a product to sell. When your product has a worthy benefit than your competitor, then you can use that as your strategy of positioning. Best example would be Nokia for its user-friendliness.

Unique selling proposition: If you think that your brand or product has a unique feature, then you can go for it. Let’s say you the first to introduce something in your market, then you can always use that as a tactic of promoting yourself.

Competitor based positioning: If you are in a very competitive market, then you should look-into what your competitor is doing. Here you might position your brand against to competitor. For an example, adbrite is positioned against to Google adsense.

Cultural based positioning: If you love your tradition and religion very much, you can go for positioning your product with cultural symbols or a value that is most respected in your tradition.

So that deciding on your positioning strategy is much depended on your product and its capabilities and it is up to you to select on it.


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