South Indian saree innovations; do they seem to be fancy?

 Saree has been remaining as the most preferred outfit option for many Indian women not only to express Indian tradition in their dressing but also to explicit a conservative, pretty rich, and of course a comfortable look in their dressing that unique them from other women. That is why; Sarees remain as the foremost choice when it comes to traditional occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies, overbeating the competition of Shalwars, Kurtas and other modern choices. However, the western influence in the youth dressing style has exaggeratedly started pushing any saree manufacturer towards a need of combining tradition with modern way of wearing Sarees allowing wearers to feel more comfortable too........Read more 

Business guys enjoy the milk of world cup cow

The word-cup mania has come to an end and it seems everyone is returned to their customary activities. Yes, India won the game so that, is that all? Nope, now it is time to hunt on this big cash cow (the world-cup match itself) especially on the perspective of the business guys who got milked by this. Well, world-cup was excessively profitable for the small guys who opened up temporary snakes stores, pop-corns and ice-cream malls near to the stadiums where finale and semi-final matches were held and it seems nothing would beat world-cup fever. ‘A Fruit-salad stall and an ice-cream stall were doing brisk business as hungry fans waited in long queues’ (Deccan Choronicle, 2011). As a norm, countries that host big matches get benefited economically and however in this year, small businesses have been liquididated with the world cup very significantly. Now let’s come to these big guys who are very related to cricket...
..Read more 

Women do not believe in beauty-care items but still purchasing them; a good sign in Beauty-Care industry

A recent research has revealed that sixty-nine percentage of customers believe that aging is relatively genetic. Therefore, they seriously do believe that getting an old look is obviously a desecration that is something to do with genes. However, they all accept that proper diet, exercise and relax are the important factors which make the utmost impacts on aging or in other words, they believe that these factors may help in reducing the negative genetic impacts.  Now let us have an insight on the skincare market, which is much related to the concern of this article. According to a research carried out by Mintel (2011) ‘the $832 million anti-aging skincare market has experienced decelerated growth in the past year, but sales are expected to increase 46% in current prices. It seems even when times are tough, women are still reluctant to cut back on their favorite anti-aging and beauty products’. So women do actually doubt on the performance of these beauty care products and however, as very optimistically they do not stop buying......Read story  

Bother much about your lady customers; a woman brings scores of sales in a business

Does it sound to be true? Have you ever wondered that how many of your sales were initiated by women if you own a business and getting some sales out of it? Very obviously women do play major roles in their contribution to businesses and more than eighty percent of purchases are made and initiated by females world-widely every year (Diane, 2011). Though, I am not going to prove on this statistics, I am pretty sure that females do spend a lot for luxury items being a female myself. Even if you own a business in which the ultimate consumers going to be men, still you might target their wives since they are the ones who are going to be the ultimate initiators in their husbands’ purchases. What another great benefit of targeting women is that they are very much loyal and very optimistically, their word of mouth campaign works quiet good. If you have got a very loyal and satisfied female customer in your small business, it means that you are not so far.....Read story

Coke`s local competitors in the Indian market; can cow`s urine and banana drink beat Coke from India?

Coca cola a preferred foreign brand in India, but often criticised to be a pesticide, desecration of American culture, and a good remedy to be used to clean the toilet. The good news for Coke is that the upper class segments of India especially in the North India do always prefer Coke as a brand of their life-style that purely imitates the westerners`. However, the bad news is that there are loads of endeavours from the local players and from the religious dominators to kill this brand in India...Read story 


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