Love to research? Start your market research business right from home

Yes, writing business proposals, marketing strategies and market research reports can turn to be a profitable business if you really love research. The only asset needed in this business is your intellectuality and the marketing capacity of promoting your intellectual asset. However not as many other businesses, this business requires a lot of previous experience and an already established recognition to succeed as an individual in this industry. The best benefit here is that this business can be done from home and the actual challenge starts in finding the real customers. A home based research professional should start his/her business with the small business firms that outsource their market research function. Nowadays, it seems most of the small companies outsource their functions such as R&D and bookkeeping considering their limited ability to undertake such vital tasks internally....Read full story

A beautiful way to start your own business; let’s embark on the cosmetics business

 Home based cosmetics business is in a skyscraping demand nowadays, which denotes a logic not just about the ladies who love to maintain a pretty appearance but also about the men who love to express their handsome in a pretty way just by walking to a closed by beauty parlor. This demand ensures a success for those who love to start their own business in this industry. Many people misinterpret that cosmetics industry is just limited to starting a beauty parlor but there are several ways in which one can choose to enter into this industry. Here are some low cost ideas to enter into this industry.....Read full story

Time to take your junk cars; convert scraps into cash

Cities are junked with cars….new models just come and go…new models dominate the car world that necessarily has made up a situation where old cars are kept away from home in the garages. Yes…here is the huge business opportunity if you are just hunting for an everlasting business idea…remember your industry is going to be junk car industry and not car industry.  Nowadays, it seems car owners die to sell their old model cars, which owe an absolute forecast that no one is going to buy them.’s time for you to take those fishes, fry them with spices and sell them to someone. Translation: negotiate with some scrap car owners for a free...Read full story

KFC’s bargaining with billions of customers; can you become the next best franchiser?

KFC-the ever-best choice for anyone who has money and love to start a profitable franchise business. The name KFC itself creates a gratitude for their business and saves big time and the cost in spending for branding, building awareness and building a unique business theme. However, the success of any franchiser is pre-confirmed bearing that each 14,000 franchisers from eighty countries do approximately get more than twelve million visitors every day...Read full story

Hot plants bring sky-scarping profits; the evergreen agriculture

Farming and gardening have turned to be the hot industries that bring some six-figure dollars in the world market. Traditional farmers could never afford to a luxury life-style and were often vulnerable to the environmental disasters (I mean farmers who plant rice, corn and vegetables). The utmost reasoning can be that they were not educated and it reduced their efficiency of outcome though they worked hard. What I mean with my concern on efficiency is that they could not afford a better result for the energy, time, and money what they had invested. As an optimistic sign, now agriculture has turned to be the evergreen industry that brings dollars in painful economic times as well (such on recessions)....Read more

Events planning as a profitable business

A recent research reveals that nearly 500 billion dollars are consumed in the events organized by some companies annually on average. This can be taken as a serious fact that would bring an opportunity to anyone who just wants to start a small business. The optimism is that most of the event management companies being operated in small scale or at home offices. However, this cannot be taken so advantageous since the event suppliers/organizers will have to negotiate high payments with the event producers. In case of a car trade, car providers, models, venue providers and some specific food caterers would be the part of event producing and event...Read more

Cupcakes bargain for a hot selling in the fast (fancy?) food industry

Sprinkles Cupcakes started with one woman who enjoyed making cupcakes for her family and has progressed into a thriving chain of upscale cupcake bakeries where a dozen cupcakes will set you back approximately $40. The cupcakes at Sprinkles are not even fancy. There are varieties of cupcake and frosting choices, but the cupcakes themselves are not hard to make (, 2010). Astoundingly, cupcakes have turned to be the most demanded and wanted species in the fast-food industry. I am pretty- sure that there would be no mouth that says NO to cupcakes now. The reasons may be that cupcakes look really fancy in their appearance, extremely taste well, seem to suit for any occasions (such weddings & birthday parties etc) and so on providing that these enchanting factors make anyone to love them..Read

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