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A recent research shows that consumption in the fashion industry keeps on sky scrapping day by day. Both men and women are becoming so fashion-conscious and cities are getting trafficked with fashion stores in each corner of roads. Yet, France, Italy, UK, USA, and Japan remain to be the hubs of fashion haunters while Russia slowly moves on the luxury fashion brands. On the other hand India, South Africa, UAE, and Singapore silently keep on emerging themselves into this industry. Yes, we could feel the influence of this ‘fashion-mania’ in our day-to-day lives and yet, we know for sure that this trend would ever last till the world exists. Knowing this logic, many entrepreneurs have already invested their waves of creativity into this industry and have started enjoying the infinite opportunities surrounded among them. There is a common perception that ‘being fashion-conscious’ is the sick of affluent females and this industry is totally depended on their big wallets. As a habit, we always try to correlate the affluent market with some big brands such Marks and Spencer. However, the truth is that there is a huge opportunity for small entrepreneurs in this industry, and most of the affluent segments have become loyals of ‘hand-made’ and ‘home-made’ products from small entrepreneurs.

The psychology that works behind this logic is that an affluent female would always want something special, which cannot be purchased simply by a lady who sits next to her. So, this specialty is what has helped many small entrepreneurs in winning the hearts of affluent segments.Rebecca Minkoff co-founded a New York-based luxury handbags company has been an inspiring role model being so successful in this crowded industry by easily winning the hearts of affluent markets. Her mantra of success is in three phrases, which are; be unique, know your price point, listen and respond. Alison Beth shines as a star among the affluents in the New York. Her uniqueness and the efforts she put in investing in high quality is what drives her business towards such success path. “So initially, I was making every piece on my own and trying to come up with new concepts for the next season. I would become so excited to see the finished product that I couldn’t put my knitting needles down. Over time it became impossible for me to run a one woman show and I had to outsource the manufacturing. One person alone could not keep up with the volume and the orders. I still, however, do all of the designing and fabric selection, but I don’t always knit the prototypes. On certain occasions, when I see a particularly beautiful yarn or a strong inspiration comes to me, I still will pick up my knitting needles” she said in an interview.    

Hence, psychology psychology and  psychology is what drives this industry. On the other hand, we know people are becoming more conscious about the environment friendliness. People always love to buy from a brand that contributes a lot to corporate social responsibility. Again, when we talk about CSR, we always think that it is something to do with big brands, and yes, some big brands such MAS had realized this psychology long time ago and now they benchmark in this industry using this concept. MAS simply knew how to win the hearts and make business through a truly differentiated business model from their competitors. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these big brands are initiators of great concepts in the world. Only thing is that they have the capacity to implement great concepts into their businesses but at most times, small entrepreneurs initiate big concepts and the world doesn’t know this truth since they are small yet. Even before MAS started talking about CSR, small garment factories in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand had realized the need of winning the hearts of their employees and their customers. 

The best example for this would be a small garment factory in Anamaduva a deep village in Sri Lanka has been achieving great results in the business due to the investments made in corporate social responsibly.  We do practice CSR in different ways. For example, we supply breakfast to our employees since most of our labors are from really remote villages. But we get some vegetables and coconuts from their small gardens and it somewhat manages the firm’s costs and labors also getting a healthy breakfast. Also we have two doctors from Colombo and anytime if any employees feel not well, they can immediately consult the doctors for free of charge. In February, we sent six lady labors to Colombo and had taken responsibility of paying the cost of whole treatment for their eye treatment. Also we provide small houses for those who are really poor and from very remote areas. Our ‘Milking’ scheme is very interesting. Every day, we provide milk for our employees but they have to take care of the cows. So myself being proud to have employees who are really loyal to my factory and having a feeling of working with my family” said Mr. Bandula the Managing Director of Rainbow PVT LTD.  
Yes, small entrepreneurs are smart since they don’t think small..they think big and grow big in business. Big in a business does not necessarily denote the scale and yet, the best innovators in the world are small entrepreneurs. So let us be small in scale and be smart by thinking big.
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The shoes’ success story

Monica Gonzales and Ann Marie Smith are two sisters Latinas who love shoes . His passion was born from the work he did his grandfather as a designer of shoes, and grew into Aldabella Scarpa , a boutique children's shoes that last year won the Verizon Latino Business Series' Entrepreneur of the Year . This award recognizes small business owners who are leaders in their industry

For six years , the sisters Aldabella Scarpa use online tools and mobile technology to expand its shoe boutique and children's clothing . More than half of its business is done online, and the sisters use resources such as BrightTALK to interact with professionals and entrepreneurs through webinars ( online seminars ) , videos, and stay abreast of the latest trends for small businesses with the application Entrepreneur magazine.
Give back to your community is also an important part of their business model . For every pair of shoes sold , Scarpa Aldabella donates another pair to a child in need. They donated 100 pairs of shoes in the first year of business and hope. Someday get shoes to donate 14 million low-income people in the country.

“Our phones have been valuable tools to capture our community giving and sharing them with our customers, " said Monica Gonzalez , which deals with the design and marketing of the company. "We use email marketing tools and social media such as Instagram and hashtags, and we have managed to grow doing business in a very different from the usual ".

Monica encourages small business owners to surround yourself with people that will give them the opportunity to grow and evolve and never leave their dreams. "Be different . Technology has given us the ability to do business everywhere , "he says.

Strategies that help to boost customer base

Your customers are the key to your success. But do you really know ? By taking the time to understand them and facilitating their things when it comes to doing business with you , you 're more likely to increase your sales and improve your results. Here are some strategies to help you .
Get to know your customers
To close a sale with a new customer or an existing customer, you must first know you who he is and what their needs are . You can track the buying habits of customers by looking at least once a year your sales data . You can also designate your staff to talk to customers about their needs.
This information may also be collected by external consultants market research or by surveys of your existing customers using one of the many free online tools or low-cost , such as Survey Monkey . To increase the participation rate of customers to your online surveys , offer them a reward, such as the chance to win an iPod or a discount on their next purchase.
Reward your best customers. Recruit a new customer requires more time and effort than to keep an existing customer. Show your appreciation to your best customers by offering discounts to those who sent you friends or family members . Consider offering special pricing to customers who do business with you frequently or pass orders over average, or when offering incentives to customers who reach a certain volume of purchases .
Send Christmas greetings or personalized birthday key customers . A simple thank you card can also help ensure that your customers will not forget you .
Increase your sales from your existing customers. Be on the lookout for these opportunities to increase sales to existing customers :
Sales of related products and suroffres . Encourage your employees to sell a product or service related to your existing customers , for example, a guarantee , an extended maintenance program or additional items that may be useful.
Bundle products . Bundle products or services and offer them at an affordable price to encourage existing customers to do the test.
Join forces . By partnering with a complementary business ( a candy store and a florist, for example) as part of a special promotion, you can extend the range of your products and services to your existing customers and attract new ones.
Provide additional information. Make sure that your existing customers are the first to be informed of your new products or services, special promotions or upcoming changes in your business . Feel free to use social media - blogs, Facebook , Twitter, or even a simple email - to your promotion.
Accept credit card payments. Another way to make sales is to offer your customers simple ways to pay for their purchases . Give them the greatest number of options - cash, debit card, credit card - and be on the lookout for technological innovations that can help you provide more convenient and flexible payment .
Take advantage of sales opportunities online. Even customers who do not buy online often use the Internet to research products and companies that are interested. Whether you use online ads, the banners or your own website, make sure your web presence is so convincing that you display in your other sales channels . Do not miss to exploit the potential of Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to reach your existing customers and new markets .
Develop a marketing strategy. Used effectively , marketing and advertising can help publicize your business further and increase its profitability. The choice of method will vary depending on your goals , your target market and your budget.
For example, taking part in community events and charitable and advertisements in local newspapers are inexpensive ways to promote your business. You can also write articles in the newspapers or magazines to make customers know you as an expert in your field.

Businesses that can be started with no cost

If you have no capital, debts overwhelmed or have lost jobs and generate urgently needed an income, it explores the possibility of starting a small business.
There are up to 15 ideas that could undertake in your home.
Spread the garage environment, use your computer and household utensils. Check the list below and evaluate which approach fits your profile.
Sell ​​desserts. Provide good taste and delivery.
A restaurant. The key is to offer themed food.
A nursery. More and more women are working and need a reliable source.
Sewing workshop. Make value-added clothing.
An ice cream parlor. Offer new flavors.
A veterinary. Spending on pets is growing.
Recycling. There are more people who care the planet.
Give classes. Offer courses in subjects who knows.
Be consultant. If you are an experienced professional.
A mini market. Look good location.
Candles and candlesticks. There is demand for aromatic.
A library. Always use office supplies.
Organize events. This is a service demand.
Shop on line. Sell ​​products through eBay and Free Market.
A liquor store. Profitable if it manages to position.

Hope you can get some idea out of those mentioned above.

How to build an extraordinary business?

Momentum is a word often used to highlight an exponential growth stage in a business.
How many times have you experienced in your New Business Generation those periods in which daily grows exponentially and constant ?
The only way to develop a successful business is through the creation of these unstoppable growth periods .
If you have not lived,  then learn how to generate it yourself.
The first thing to know is that the momentum is generated by the sum of two variables: speed and mass. This means you have to make the most of the time because the sooner you undertake your actions , your business will grow faster in terms of sales , customers, prospects , partners, etc. .
The momentum is not generated overnight spontaneously, on the other hand takes a long time to begin to experience it, but if you are patient and persevering then you are ready to build .
Something wonderful is that if you really want to live and build a business with momentum just take the first step . Yes, YOU are the person responsible for creating a successful business. The key is then to know what steps to take so that once you decide to be the generator and builder of a solid business and exponential growth make it.
So below I share this proven formula for hundreds of entrepreneurs in creating and building businesses with an accelerated rate of growth and achievements :
First Step : Clearly define your goals and objectives. Surely you've heard repeatedly the importance of having clear goals, specific , challenging and measurable. To generate a business with this momentum is vital because no business will grow in a solid if the bases, that is, your goals are not clearly defined.
Step Two: Set a daily action plan where you spend at least three hours each day ( including weekends ) to building your business . If you are building a business with the aim of generating a passive income of at least 6 monthly figures , do you think it worthwhile to spend at least three hours of your day? Course! Or even more! It is essential that you take responsibility consciousness and time is a key factor in generating momentum .

Third Step : Share your product with at least 5 prospects daily. Your action plan must include this third step . Here 's the best news I can give you is that in the new era , the internet is facilitating this task will , to the extent of making it automatically for you. That is, you can build a one-time effective marketing strategy to attract and not only you will contact prospects to 5 daily , but up to 10 or more .
Fourth Step : Associate only with those who share your vision and have the same sense of urgency and commitment to achieving their freedom than you. Put aside those who want to live a monotonous life , mediocre and negative . Join with those who take responsibility for their future , for their actions and have a real commitment to themselves.
Fifth Step : Help your partners or clients define their goals and develop a specific plan of daily activities that will lead to achieving them. This will be very easy for you as it is precisely what you did in the first steps.
Step Six : Repeat the previous 5 steps intermittently for at least six months and enjoy the result .
If you notice these 6 steps are simple and are intended to increase the number of people building businesses with a clear vision and a sense of urgency which increases speed.
Warning : Having a business with momentum may be too tempting for some people who decide to stop acting daily. You know what happens to these people and their businesses ? .. Collapse. Perhaps the simplest is to create it ... the challenge is to keep it , increase it and follow it to maintain .
Momentum not wait for the perfect time to take action is to make the present moment , the present , the day to day to take actions that generate unstoppable force in your business growth .

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