Bother much about your lady customers; a woman brings scores of sales in a business

(Source: Google)
Does it sound to be true? Have you ever wondered that how many of your sales were initiated by women if you own a business and getting some sales out of it? Very obviously women do play major roles in their contribution to businesses and more than eighty percent of purchases are made and initiated by females world-widely every year (Diane, 2011). Though, I am not going to prove on this statistics, I am pretty sure that females do spend a lot for luxury items being a female myself. Even if you own a business in which the ultimate consumers going to be men, still you might target their wives since they are the ones who are going to be the ultimate initiators in their husbands’ purchases. What another great benefit of targeting women is that they are very much loyal and very optimistically, their word of mouth campaign works quiet good. If you have got a very loyal and satisfied female customer in your small business, it means that you are not so far from getting another female customer into your business. However, the worst part is that you got to satisfy them and yes, it is very hard job and on the other hand, a dissatisfied female may become a solemn weapon to kill your business as well. If you really manage to delight an upper class female with your small business, it means you are going ahead with your business.


ya it tells a story....females bring a lot for businesses and takes a lot from their husbands

u must bother about u r saying not to bother about male customers?

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