The real game to play; make fun with the Real estate game with a well-defined niche market

Millions of people who played well in share markets have turned to Real estate and the only reason behind is that, yes, it is profitable. However, the question arises at the moment is that do everyone play the game successfully? The answer may be yes if it was a grocery business or some other, but for real estate, one need to keep on concentrating what is happening around, who has entered into the market newly and on the ways to get more business. Now what is there with a niche approach to do with a Real estate business? Let’s imagine everyone is interested in buying lands and reselling them at a profit, so that what differentiates you from others and for what reason a customer has a need to get your help? Current winners in this game actually have well identified the under-served needs in this market and only investing their efforts into those specific markets. For an example, in Sri Lanka, there is a constant increase in the percentage of females who want to be single, and there are even people who only build apartments for single women. Therefore, these apartments are only sold to single women and when they get married, they must sell the apartment to other single women as stated and agreed before in the agreement. Therefore, a Real-Estate broker may limit his efforts into this specific niche and so better the chances he knows many people in this niche and better the chances for that they will need his help and to get succeed soon in the business. Also a person who only focuses on ‘Estates’ may further narrow the focus to ‘papaya estate’ or ‘coconut estate’ and is one good way to win in this game and to make a life with those things in which you are inspired about. Milles (2011) writes in his article about Real Estate success ‘An agent in Marin County California that loves and is very knowledgeable about horses and running horse farms. Her niche is focused on buying and selling horse farms. Do you think she is likely to do extra reading on the subject? Do you think she likes writing her monthly newsletter? Do you think her target looks forward to conversations with her? Do you think she get referrals? Yes, Yes, Yes. Do you want to compete with that type of expertise? No. She stands out from the crowd and is a magnet for referrals for this type of transaction. In addition, she loves what she does’.


If you consider other features of real estate such as mortgage, lease, rent, geographical, sectors... etc. it should be very broad area and highly associated with risk. Demand is still high and directly link with the growing population. Its seems making profit in short term but in long term it also same as other business

Thank you for the comment. As you said, real estate has enormous amount of areas which are very widely focused especially when it comes leasing and rent.However it doesn't mean that a businessman has to focus on a wide area. For an example, one may only focus on leasing Green resorts or Adventure resorts and better the chances he will be known popular among people who love to live in an adventure apartment and it would let him towards a long survival. But of course very unfortunately or fortunately any business is depended on the on-going trend and if the trend is out of industry, there would be no other way other than start focusing on new trends.

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