Women do not believe in beauty-care items but still purchasing them; a good sign in Beauty-Care industry

A recent research has revealed that sixty-nine percentage of customers believe that aging is relatively genetic. Therefore, they seriously do believe that getting an old look is obviously a desecration that is something to do with genes. However, they all accept that proper diet, exercise and relax are the important factors which make the utmost impacts on aging or in other words, they believe that these factors may help in reducing the negative genetic impacts.  Now let us have an insight on the skincare market, which is much related to the concern of this article. According to a research carried out by Mintel (2011) ‘the $832 million anti-aging skincare market has experienced decelerated growth in the past year, but sales are expected to increase 46% in current prices. It seems even when times are tough, women are still reluctant to cut back on their favorite anti-aging and beauty products’. So women do actually doubt on the performance of these beauty care products and however, as very optimistically they do not stop buying them. The least thing what they expect from these beauty care products is the fast tangible results in which they find to achieve their self-esteem. Nevertheless, once they use a facial cream or whatever the skin care product, for sure it will not give the fast result and it would cause them to feel a gap between what they expected verses what they got, this is known as ‘post-purchase dissonance’ in marketing terms. I think dissonance in beauty care industry is much lower than any other industries and a good marketing strategist in this industry would always come-up with products that have a short lifetime. Other than some well-established brands’ initiations, all other products in this industry survive for a short time and these investments make supernormal profits in short time since this is a trend-focused industry. However, to reduce dissonance from a marketer’s perspective, it will always work lobbying with a beautiful star to become the brand ambassador and to make her to tell in Medias that she uses this particular cream and is great just as what Aishwarya Rai does for lux.    

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