Business guys enjoy the milk of world cup cow

The word-cup mania has come to an end and it seems everyone is returned to their customary activities. Yes, India won the game so that, is that all? Nope, now it is time to hunt on this big cash cow (the world-cup match itself) especially on the perspective of the business guys who got milked by this. Well, world-cup was excessively profitable for the small guys who opened up temporary snakes stores, pop-corns and ice-cream malls near to the stadiums where finale and semi-final matches were held and it seems nothing would beat world-cup fever. ‘A Fruit-salad stall and an ice-cream stall were doing brisk business as hungry fans waited in long queues’ (Deccan Choronicle, 2011). As a norm, countries that host big matches get benefited economically and however in this year, small businesses have been liquididated with the world cup very significantly. Now let’s come to these big guys who are very related to cricket. You would have seen Mukesh Ambani an Indian Billionaire who seemed very excited in the match that was held between India vs. Pakistan and all the telecasters made sure to spotlight on him repeatedly. According to an article outlined in Bloomberg (2011), Mukesh Ambani had offered a full day leave for all employees who were empowered in his Reliance business in the day when India played against Pakistan. Also, other foreign big players in Indian market such as Coca Cola Indian Subsidiary, Standard Charted Bank, SMC Wealth Management and Anil Ambani’s reliance ltd also had allowed their employees to enjoy the day with a half day-off. However, the main reasoning was most of these companies’ markets were gone off since all eyes went on Tele-Visions. Amazingly, commercial trackers had reported eighty million viewers and it would be sensible to expect a boost with these Tele-commercial by at-least some million Indian Rupees. Contrarily, on the internet, world cup live websites and Apps businesses have made significant level of revenues. According to a press release, very astonishingly, Apppli’s cricket world-cup 2011 has achieved milestone in a short period with five thousand downloads and the App has been named as Android App.    


very interesting and related to the current trend. good.

all big guys play game in a big cup is really a big gold cow.

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