Internet industry in India; E-millionaires seem to be doing a great job with their websites

In my view, India is one such a huge factory that produces world ranking rich people each year off-putting the downsides of its poor sides. Well, Indian industries are quiet pretty successful in the world markets. However, most of us don’t know that E-entrepreneurship also has been a benchmarking aspect for many Indians and there are people who do make millions out of their websites.  
Sanjeev Bikhchandani is such an e-entrepreneur who makes nearly 6 million dollars each year from his website Though the site owes no master plans behind, still it stands alone with its unique functionality and with the concept of livelihood importance among the youth in India. is basically a platform where anyone can find a job, post their profile and can get advices such as where they can work, what place suits them and so on. The amazing fact is that this website’s home page contains loads of Ad sponsor banners that represent established brands in India adding more reputation to the site as well.
Satya Prabhakar is another young e-entrepreneur who is making nearly three to four million dollars each year. He founded that remains as the India’s largest yellow pages website. What can be considered as the success factor of Sulekha is that this website doesn’t only provide information about the country destinations but is too spotlighting on the information regarding jobs, training programmes, and TV channels etc. Large focus of the subject has made this site to get too many impressions while drawbacking in the point it lacks to target specified audience. is making nearly forty million American bucks each year. Basically, Rediff gets massive traffic due to its video clips on different subjects. However, the downside is that Rediff still fails to provide videos paying attention to the moral facts such mature issues., and also can be considered as the best examples of websites that make serious money. One mentionable thing here is that most of these businesses do have real buildings, office branches in different places, many employees who work for them and the employment standards, which seems not to be there in case of many offline businesses in India.   
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