Time to take your junk cars; convert scraps into cash

Cities are junked with cars….new models just come and go…new models dominate the car world that necessarily has made up a situation where old cars are kept away from home in the garages. Yes…here is the huge business opportunity if you are just hunting for an everlasting business idea…remember your industry is going to be junk car industry and not car industry.  Nowadays, it seems car owners die to sell their old model cars, which owe an absolute forecast that no one is going to buy them.’s time for you to take those fishes, fry them with spices and sell them to someone. Translation: negotiate with some scrap car owners for a free or low cost deal of purchasing them, crush those cars using a crushing plant and separate the metal from other unused parts of the car and sell the metal for a fixed price per ton. That’s it…now you are to start your deals and for some hot bargaining. Here is a snapshot of what you will be doing with your junk car business. 
Product (what you sell to your customers?)
It’s going to be recycled or crushed metal and not cars
Who will buy them (your target audience?)
Ultimately you are going to target someone who need metal and who don’t mind if it is a used or recycled metal. Yes, there are manufacturing companies that promote the concept of green in their production cycle…so you need a hunt on the internet and on the offline markets about such companies and of need to smart enough to negotiate with them to become their metal supplier.
Your value proposition (what makes you unique than other metal suppliers)
It is recycled metal….you can show yourself as a guardian of this earth and environment. ‘Recycled metal’ promotes you as a green supplier so that the universe will have no worries to buy from you.
 Some places where you might start your business
Car manufacturing companies (just ensure whether they don’t mind that you provide used metal)
Some big metal suppliers (these suppliers are used to sell fresh metals so you can make a deal for a bulk sale with them in a discount)
Assets of your business
You will need an old garage to keep your junk cars doesn’t matter if it is in your home, crushing plant to crush metal, recycling technology and related plants
Some rewards to the idea
No need huge investment, employees and a functioning office for a crocodile rent
Yes, you have to handle the recycling process properly..if not you will end up with something related to metal but not metal.
Take your guts and invest in this idea, if not find other ideas in our blog.


This is really interesting. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.

Junk car business would be a booming business in coming years as we find plenty of junk cars in garages and also new cars coming up so this info will really helpful. Keep it up :)

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Awesome post, scrap metal needs to be reused and recycled no matter what the resource.

-David Enabulele

Junk cars are cool but we need to make sure too that it still okay to use so you won't waste your money and effort of remodeling it.

Nice Post..
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Good post! Thanks for sharing this information I appreciate it. God bless!

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This is very nice blog.When your car becomes useless then you should understand that its the time to junk your car.

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