Become an information broker or market researcher; a realistic view in this home based business idea

Becoming an information broker or embarking into the market research industry is quiet easy and rewarding for the talented, experienced and marketing savvy individuals. This can be the best home based business choice for the retired people and for the ones who look for an extra revenue scheme to fulfill their lifestyle requirements. However, if you want to start the business in a big or even in a medium scale, then it will require some startup costs that probably can be settled down with 5000 dollars.
The optimistic fact is that this industry requires high labour intensiveness where capital is not seen as an important fact while accepting the vitality of the investment in human capital. If you want to enter into this industry as an individual working from home, then having some specific software products such as Lexis-Nexis and WestLaw and other vital sources of information (journals, e-books and industrial reports) can be really converted as the well-performing assets of the business. Here are some tasks that information brokers do perform:
1.      Providing market research for companies
2.      Providing marketing information such on competitors, other new entrants and on the newly formed market trends
3.      Collecting information for individuals regarding their family backgrounds
4.      Providing firms with some financial data such as how much competitor is earning, their revenue sources etc
5.      Providing data regarding customer satisfaction
Special skills needed to become a successful information broker or market researcher
Some research can be done with secondary data collections such from journals, books, annual reports and some other conference papers. However, some other projects necessarily require primary data solutions such as interviewing, surveying, and focus group observations. Also, the findings should be outlined in the forms of statistical outcomes such as graphs, summery tables and ratio percentages. Hence, it requires the researcher to be not just well enough in his/her analytical skills but also to be comprehensive enough in summarizing the financial information to a clever conclusion. Some companies or clients even look for the suggestions of researchers or information brokers and are willing to listen to their advice as well. Hence, you need to first understand the type of clients, what they expect from you and you ultimately you have to provide exactly what they wanted paying respect to their preferences.
Techniques to succeed
Just having enough analytical skills doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an expert in all kinds of research projects. Hence, one need to specialize in a research area and have to find a specific niche that hunts for the need of such research product. Specialization is the only technique to succeed in this industry.


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