Google’s donate to Wikipedia; a marriage fixed in the heaven?

Latest News headlines from several reliable online sources claim that Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google and his wife just have donated 500 000 dollars to Wikipedia. This can be the happiest news to Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia saying that Brin’s wife has honored Wikipedia as an invaluable resource in the internet.
There is a common complaint against Google that claims Google search engines give more preference to Wikipedia, which negatively affects several other sites’ traffic range those are in higher quality. However, the fact is that Wikipedia’s technology ensures high quality of content mitigating the threat of content imitation, which effectively adheres and lobbies with the Google’s policy. Also, Wikipedia receives enormous amount of traffic everyday from search engines especially from Google for all possible common keywords searched. It can be also said that Google too gets benefited from Wikipedia in a way how the site utilizes its Adsense and Adwords campaigns.     
Anyone can note that Wikipedia is stuffed with Google Ads and of course, they do run well in this site with high CTR (Click Through Rate). Hence, the logic here is that more clicks from millions of traffic each day denotes good income to Wikipedia...on the other hand, Google too receives 30% revenue sharing from the site.....for the publishers’ of Adsense too, it benefits in a manner that adds extra traffic to their sites.
Now, Google’s care for Wikipedia is concerned not just because of that the site is doing good to anyone online...but also because...something good happens to Wikipedia means good to Google as well. So, no wonder if saying it is a marriage fixed in the heaven.....but I think Google practices the same strategy with Blogger and Wordpress as well. Google juice makes these sites stand smart online utilizing the ranking benefits.   


Very is good that focus on latest happenings so that it is enjoyable to read

"Anyone can note that Wikipedia is stuffed with Google Ads"

This is completely not true. There is no advertisment in Wikipedia.

Ya, you got it right. ya, but i remembered some ads some years back i think...

Also, you can see a search engine there...and of course it runs in a CPC method.
Thank u for the comment.

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