Spirit behind successful entrepreneurship; my views on Bill Gates and Richard Branson

Many factors create influences in introducing successful entrepreneurs to the world. We can divide successful entrepreneurs into three segments. First segment of entrepreneurs are born rich, they undertake either their dads' or mums’ businesses and their inborn intrepreneurial (risk taking ability on their parents or relatives’ businesses) wave drive them towards entrepreneurship, in a way they start undertaking the whole responsibility of an existing business. Second segment of entrepreneurs come up from great difficulties, and their souls are taken towards lights of entrepreneurship through their own definitions of paths for the challenges they faced. Some researchers have proved that the negative aspects such as childhood difficulties and work-place discriminations influence in entrepreneurship and the researchers have named such behavior as ‘glass ceiling’. Third segment of entrepreneurs just happen to start their businesses accidently and is purely situational, it is wonderful that these guys accidently discover their sprit of entrepreneurship.
Bill Gates is the person behind billions of dollars, of course the godfather for many people who start their own businesses regardless of their country, race, and religion, who is too criticized under some grounds but  one greatest person who should be merited for many pros.  Typically, Bill Gates falls under the second segment, yes, he was not a born rich and came up in the ladder because of his hard work not even smart work. Here are some merits that made Bill Gates successful; passion, giving back to the society, ability to think big, commitment, hard work, ability to take right decisions in the right time and several other etc. I would say Bill Gates had gained his greatest success at the point when he decided to leave Harvard University for a business opportunity that he thought would be a greatest asset of his future. How many of us would give-up our degree or even a daily job for an uncertain opportunity that we think would be paying well in the future? This is not to say that giving up work, degree, or even that courageous would be enough to become an entrepreneur, but it is all about deciding what is important on what time and ability of well-analyzing the existing opportunities.
Contrarily, Richard Branson the forth-richest person (if I am not mistaken) in the UK & the chairperson of the Virgin Groups of company, in an interview cited from Entrepreneur (2011) says;  “In 1970, my friends and I weren't planning to do anything other than make some money and have a good time while doing something we loved. We loved listening to music, so we tried to sell records to other kids who wanted a fun place to hang out while deciding which ones to buy. We had no marketing plan or budget – our goals were simply to make enough money to pay the rent and our suppliers, and to have some cash left over at the end of the month. Our launch was really no different from that of most small companies, since few entrepreneurs start thinking about their business's culture until it is already well established.”   
His view seems to say that they had never planned about the business on where they want to go, what to do and even how to do. He owes an excellent justification for why his business keeps on growing though they never thought that it would become to such a great position when they started their business years ago; yes, having a big plan, and budget is not necessarily important for an entrepreneur to become successful, he or she must basically LOVE what he or she does. Richard Branson’s strategy behind success says no big plans, only the love and commitment will leave the business towards a successful point, which would even stimulate ‘vertical disintegration’ where the business will automatically diversified into new clusters.   
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