Here is a deal for smart entrepreneurs; start your own Digital marketing agency or Digital Literacy agency

See, our world has become so small and we try to grab the whole world into our Tablets...we at most times, survive in the digital world, we breath social media, we chat online, we love online and we have already started smelling the domination of digital wastes in our lives. We do everything digitally. So why are we not bothering to become agents to this digital world of businesses?
I feel becoming a digital marketing agent or a digital literacy agent, by helping others in the digital world to go forward in their businesses would attract more dollars to us rather than starting our own businesses online. Millions of entrepreneurs by all walks start their own businesses online almost every day. Most of them don’t have accurate, comprehensive and strategic business plans. They only have some ideas that they think would bring huge profits into their way and they just start it...mostly they have a tendency of failing not because of that their ideas are bad but because of that they have no clues on what to do next. This is the stage, most of them start looking for a friendly hand to hold them, assist them when things start going wrong, encourage them to be confident when some decisions go for a sick, and most importantly at last, ensure the success by advising them to be competitively efficient, unique and sustained.
A marketing person from a traditional business background would always have a narrow understanding on what a digital agency can do for a digital business. It is not just advertising, it is not just consulting, and it is not just marketing. A well-organized digital marketing agency should start working on behalf of a new digital startup from the point of creating website for that business, as we all know that this is the foundation to any digital business. A digital marketing agency should first best-understand the concept that an entrepreneur has come up with. Here, the fact is that all business ideas are great when they are converted into opportunities. Most businesses fail not because of the ideas but because of the lack of planning and promotion behind them. This is where a digital marketing agency should be able to take their guts to convert a normal business idea into a great business opportunity at a best deal.
I spoke something about digital literacy agency. Yes, we the ones who belong to this generation are addicted to live in the digital world. But, we have forgotten our grandpas, grandmas and sometimes our mums and dads too. Most grandpas in the world know the digital world only to the extent they can log-into face-book and that they can read the online version of some traditional Newspapers. As a huge mistake, we always forget a huge population that always seek some tangible benefits and therefore, always find hassles online. Wouldn’t it be a good deal to assist our grandpas and grandmas online, make them more comfortable, and drag them towards the thousands of opportunities that they can find online?

Here I have outlined a snapshot of both of these business ideas.

Want to become a Digital marketing agency?

The target market: almost everyone who is about to start an online business. However, the challenge is that not all of them are willing to pay for it. So, you should find someone who is willing to invest something in order to expect a good return.
Investment: depends on the size of businesses that you are willing to help. If you are targeting small start-ups, then you can too be small-scaled.
Services that you can offer:
  • A good website with good theme, logo, professionalism, and compliance to the web standards.
  • Digital branding, promotion, social-media networking, and strategic business expansion on behalf of the entrepreneur of the business whom you are helping.
  • Suggest best technologies to boost the business.
  • Suggest best affiliates to work more on sales.
  • Do as much as you can to help his/her business.
Skills needed to start the business:  general business management skills, excellent networking skills, excellent marketing & branding skills, negotiation skills and a good interpersonal sprite.

Want to become a Digital literacy agency?
Find out some senior citizens in the internet. Network with them and become friendly to them. Find out where they find difficulties in the internet. Be a web-savvy and become a good internet assistant to them. This business idea doesn’t need a cent to be invested other than your own efforts and friendliness. Remember, elders expect love and a friendly environment. If you can afford it to them, they will ever last with you for a long time.    
I love to hear your feedback on this idea. You can comment below or send your personal suggestions to


very useful article. basically, everyone who do SEO marketing, website designing, viral marketing and even affiliate marketing can try digital marketing agency rather than just sticking to one of services.

The team loves to try new ideas, always looks for innovative approaches and is relentless in their pursuit for exceptional digital marketing.

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