A masculine approach to fashion industry & men’s fashion

Earlier days fashion was seen as a patent of women. However, later things and trends started changing. During the recent years, men have extremely started concentrating in the ways how they look, and this has initially boosted the number of ‘men only stores’ in the trendy cities of the world such as ‘Paris’, and ‘New York’. Starting a business that uniquely focuses on men should reflect the psychology of men, and it can’t be messed up with the feminine tastes. Many entrepreneurs who have benchmarked themselves in ‘men’s fashion industry’ have understood men’s psychology in a comprehensive way. Yes, men mostly prefer outfits that are simple and trendy, while on the other hand a woman will prefer more colorful and flashy outfits. The military inspired epaulets and sports related epaulets on men’s T-Shirts are in higher demand these days. Also, this industry is elastic to seasonal trends and of course ‘trans-seasonal’ trends matter a lot to men too. ‘Yeah, I'd say I'm a preppy guy. My wardrobe starting changing in college and post-college. As I grew to understand myself more my wardrobe grew. In college, I wanted to look nice when going out to parties and for the girl. I also wanted to be what was cool, hip, trendy, and alternative. After college, I entered the professional world, so I wore golf shirts and nice pants. My clothing was more conservative. This more widely accepted clothing casts a bigger net for acceptance and networking. This was a guy’s words from a forum.     
 ‘Haute couture’ can be the most profitable segments to target in this industry regardless of the country where the business is operated from. Haute couture denotes the richest segments who are willing to spend millions on fashion. But it doesn’t mean that the business should be targeted only among these segments because fashion is everywhere in each corner of this world.  At most times, fashionpreneurs know all leading luxury brands and they either follow the footprints of such brands or tend to focus on the same markets where such brands target their offerings. This becomes the utmost reason for their failures. Any business should know its capabilities in satisfying the expectations of its target markets. ‘It is ironic that luxury products are so prevalent in the world today and yet at the same time, real luxury and real craftsmanship seems to be going down. Everybody knows Edward Green shoes or Hermes ties or Drakes scarves and they're all very well-made products. But there used to be dozens and dozens of good tailors in New York and now there are maybe half a dozen, and maybe only two or three custom shoemakers in the whole country. Everyone thinks about luxury but real craftsmen are dying off said Boyer an experienced fashion writer.     
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