Real entrepreneurs’ swim against to the waves of challenges

Success never knocks our doors overnight. The soul-satisfaction that we see after a great degree of achievement can only be tasted through a long-lasting journey that includes the waves of pains, tears, and the drops of blood and sweat invested into the each effort that we undertake. For many entrepreneurs from the developed countries, the entrepreneurial achievement has been a gift in their finger-points and they have been consecrated with the ways of finding smarter options to maximize their shareholder wealth throughout their ventures. However, contexts are different and the denoting for entrepreneurial achievement in a developing country spells out a different meaning to the rest of the world. Yes, entrepreneurs from developing countries come out with great outcomes through the pains they face in each stage of their lives. Not that they only compete with the ways of marketing their products but also they compete, fight, and rebirth through their hunger for food, yearning for a shelter and other surface level requirements. I wish to share some inspirational stories of small entrepreneurs from India that I enjoyed reading from some books. Of course, this made me to understand that entrepreneurial achievement does not only spell out Bill Gates & Steve Jobs as the outcomes and yes, anyone who is empowered to stand alone on their own foots and those who have the guts to swim against the waves of challenges they face can be denoted as entrepreneurs.
Pechiyammal is a super village heroin from Theni area in India. She prepares ‘murukku’ a spicy snack and markets it in outside markets. Her products sell well in the ‘Pondichery’ market and she sustains in the market for a long term and earns more than 30 000 Indian rupees a month. I see it as a great achievement for a village woman like Pechiyammal since she runs her business in a small scale while other people belong to her village do only produce illicit alcohol as the main source of their income. Yes, this village does not get rainfalls at all and the empowerment through agriculture is just a dream for them so all started leaving their village and joined with some labour works in other villages and cities. The ones who remained in the village started producing illicit alcohol while pechiyammal started making ‘murukku’ and selling it in outstations. Yes, she did not advertise and promote herself but she is not like those ‘mushroom brands’ that come to the markets in the morning and vanish in the evening. Isn’t she a real heroin who is challenged against to the aspects of poverty and other desecrations in her life?
Here is another inspiring story of a woman called ‘Jayanthi’ from Madras. She took ‘idly’ (a typical food daily food in India) as the mean to chase poverty from her life. Her husband’s income was not enough to pay their bills in this highly inflated Indian city. She now employs 10 persons who work at her ‘idly factory’. Yes, she produces everything through machines and delivers idly to outstations in four vehicles. Her growth is just amazing and her mantra to success is ‘attaining high quality all the time’, and not saying ‘No’ at all whenever a customer asks for it. Jayanthi has now built a house of her own and enjoys a happy living with her husband. Few years before, she was struggling in the city even to satisfy her basic needs.
There are thousands of village heros and heroins who are well-challenged against to struggles that come to them. They challenge everyday against to the poverty, social constraints, and other factors they are desecrated with. Well, entrepreneurial achievement is not just about making million dollars but also about self empowering and being pride of the self-sustainability.      
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I enjoyed reading it. It is very inspirational for all who wish to have a successful life.

The article touches the heart as it has a naturalistic approach.

it shows your natural way of writing.

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