The journey of self-discovery as a subconscious dictation of an entrepreneur

The journey of discovering the ‘real us’ is the most challenging yet the most charming part of our lives. Are we self-actualized? We know we are employed and secure enough in our professional standpoint, we are paid reasonably and materialistically we find nothing wrong among us. But do we feel that slight lacking of something or do we feel a tense in our inner world? Yes, these are some signs that our subconscious tell us ‘hey are not born to do this. You have got set of in-born talents that make you unique, and absolutely your purpose of journey is much different than what you are doing right now’.

This is that special transition point towards our self-determination, where we start realizing a vast degree of ‘self-awareness and self-acceptance’, and unconditionally willing to let go of the things that really don’t satisfy our souls. Entrepreneurs can self-determine their path to their own world of entrepreneurial destinity when they sense this feeling. The dictation of self-actualization begins right from this threshold point and the feeling ‘my life is going to be under my control where I do the things that give me spiritual satisfaction’ is what drives and consecrates a person towards an actualized life. This fundamental trait of entrepreneurism does not just come from a surface level of risk taking ability from the other materialistic perspectives. It should come from the soul, where we should be solemnly willing to let go of the ego, social anxiety, fear of failure, and other deep-routed subconscious vulnerabilities.

 The collectivists from Eastern context (where I am from) always ensure their survival in a well-secured job and keep a ground for them to  convince the society that they are doing secure in their professional lives. An entrepreneur’s answer should well dictate his/her voice to the society when she/he gets questioned on and about the professional security and career future. ‘My life is my choice. I have the right to do what makes me feel delighted. It is me who owe my future where I might have to face flowers and stones in my unique path alone. No one else is going to get a share in the happenings of my life in the future. It is up to me to decide on my own destinity, but for the sake I would like to say that I am a creature of nature,  many other people have performed well in their past as well as making good deals at their present, while some others messed up things. However, neither such positivisms nor negativisms are going to make an impact on me because I am a unique creature. I would be happy if I make it big, if not so what I will have a nice lesson in my own way’.

This is the absolute subconscious denoting of an entrepreneur. No one in the world lacks for talents. We all have some gifts from nature. We are born to play our roles and not to compare ourselves with others or not to prove others we will do good. Let’s be us. Let’s do what makes us happy and let’s absolutely let go of the aspects that question on our self-determination and self-actualization.
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Good article. the conjunction you have created about entrepreneurial gut is great.

I like the way this article is written. :):) to you.

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