Creative small business ideas that make million dollars

A good business takes time, dedication, knowledge, work ... But it also means believing in yourself and the ideas you have, and  that means, basically, that if you manage to find what people want, you will be much closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur or else they should ask the creators of some of the simplest Internet business that generated millions of dollars to their creators. 
They all have something in common: they started from ideas that many described as "absurd" and "simple" ideas that nobody would have bet anything but instead managed to catapult to fame to its creators.
From Start Internet we know the key to success but we also know that a simple idea can be the best bargain. Want to know some examples? Here we share some of them:
The Million Dollar Homepage: In 2005 the British student Alex Tew created a website with one million pixels for advertising, and decided to sell each for a dollar. Not only got through college, but sold all pixels and grossed $ 1,037,000 for it.
LaserMonks: The printer ink is not exactly economical. Or so he thought Father Bernard McCoy in 2005 when, tired of the price gouging ink cartridges, decided that he and his monks would manufacture in his abbey. That was how, three years later, exceeded $ 2.5 million in profits by selling through Internet. Currently, LaserMonks has been bought by another larger company, and has more than 50,000 customers, and a process of 200-300 daily requests for schools and offices.
SantaMail: Imagine you're a kid at Christmas. We love to receive a personalized letter signed by Santa Claus, sealed from Alaska and the North Pole, right? That's the idea I had in 2001 when Byron Reese created, where for $ 10 children sent letters signed by Santa Claus himself. That same year sold 10,000 personalized letters. In 2005, a sale of the company amounted to a million dollars, and currently has sent more than 300,000 letters. Do the math and get to think about what can come out of a good idea.
FitDeck: Phil Black is an instructor at the U.S. Navy has made in a year billed $ 4.7 million. How? Well had the great idea to create FitDeck, a series of laminated cards that include workouts to stay in shape (both sports and fitness), and sold to 18.95 dollars. Many still wonder why they did not invent them.
PickyDomains: Find a need and turn it into business. That is one of the prerequisites for success, and exactly what PickyDomains behind, a service which help us choose a good domain free for our product or service. Not only looking for a short domain, well and on the topic, but also take into account the factor of SEO and Keywords in Google searches. It was launched in 2007 with a big impact, and we have a long waiting list.
 Lucky Wishbone: No kidding, some people need wishbones made of plastic to make decisions. And but tell that to Ken Ahroni the founder of Lucky Wishbone, which has already reached one million dollars in sales. Ah! And now has, in addition, exclusive merchandise.
Doggles: Some people thought that dogs are also entitled to protection from the sun. And that idea came Doogles, an online business that provides dog sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun and also the latest fashion look. The cost is $ 20 per lens, and it goes without saying that its creator has been made of gold.  
AntennaBalls: Can you imagine placing a rubber ball on the antenna of your car? It seems that Jason Wall has since 1998 thinking about it. The creator of AntennaBalls won a million dollars in the first year of business, and soon after sales amounted antenna balls to four million units. Happy faces, bees or braids and cowboy hats are some of the most popular.
Designer Diaper Bags: If you have a baby, you probably know that it's very tiring having to carry diapers every day and make a hole anywhere. Tired of this, was how Christina Leigh, a mother of 34 years, devised in 2004 special bags to carry diapers also had the coolest design. Today the company has more than 20 models and billed about $ 180,000 a year selling only online. Ever heard of the pages that are used to find a partner? Well Positivesdating is one of them, but with a difference: a is only directed at persons living with HIV. Many saw them unnecessary but not its owners, Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin, who in the same year that he founded the website admitted $ 110,000 even though registration is free. You see, any idea can pop a good product profitable and successful, but unfortunately many people never dare to try.
Did you know that most people do not undertake it waits for the right time? And the truth is that the right time never comes, because it is always NOW. What did you think the 10 previous business? All creators have something in common: simple ideas generated, the developed and challenged who said their products fail. Simply believed in them and tried without waiting for the time was right.

Got a good idea? Then, turn it into business :)

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