Hot tips that you should consider when starting a new business

Starting a business may be a dream for many and impossible for others. Many people say that "if they had money" would create their own business, while others plan to save a year of the money they receive for their jobs, to make the company go.  Although, there are many ideas that come to mind when you dream of being a great businessman, the truth is that all these projects are suppressed when you think about money, because they have the misconception that to start a business, you need to have a good capital, here's good news.
The main thing is to understand that any idea can be good and all could become big business. A lifestyle coach and CNN contributor Financial in Atlanta recommends that "it is crucial for anyone who is looking to start a business, determine what gifts and talents they already have and turn them into a real business."

But what to do if in the middle of all these ideas come to mind the millions who have to invest? Before you think it must be clear that it takes work, commitment and above all creativity. Some of the tips that can be used to start a business with little capital are:

Enable a home office:  before thinking about renting an office or you can try to enable somewhere in the house, although it is not located in public places. If you use good publicity reach customers. Patricia Sanchez, owner of a small jewelry business in Caracas, says that the love of jewelry is a good choice to start a small business and do home demonstrations.

Create a website: the website has many options ranging from creating a Facebook account to create a free blog or a website where you earn money for advertising. 

Focus on word of mouth: It is essential in any business to reach new customers, Dany Victoria,          specializing in public notice via the web says "It is important to spread the word to friends, family and co-workers about your new business." 

Moreover Patricia Sanchez, owner of a small jewelry business in Caracas, says "98% of my business comes from repeat customers and word of mouth referrals." All these people can be allies of business; they would be multipliers of the message in the environment.

Make agreements with other businesses: It is important to seek agreements with other businesses or suppliers. Patricia Sanchez, owner of a small jewelry business in Caracas, said that to grow their business tried to partner with local art galleries, hospitals and shops to sell high-end pieces in his catalog.

Another effective idea is to swap or barter, provide services in exchange for providing some input or how to start business there, for it is not necessary to wait for the business or store owner offered to rent a small place within it, but can make the offer, offering to pay a rent to be given the desired space.

Buy at cheap prices: It is essential not to rush into buying the first equipment or materials that are, it is important to take time to evaluate and investigate prices in the market. After finding the perfect place to buy what you want, you should try to maintain a close relationship with the supplier and the buyer become number one, maybe this way you could get many other offers.

Seek funding: If the money you have is not enough, you can try to borrow money from family, friends or banks that finance small businesses. Do not forget that "clear accounts remain friends" for this it is essential to develop a good business plan to prove the good of the project and, at the same time, show that you can pay the debt promptly.

Remember that having a business is the most rewarding way to enjoy what you do. Being a   good entrepreneur is about learning.


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