How to get funded for a business start-up?

There are several ways that you should consider when seeking financing for your business projects, today we present at least 5 you need to know and analyzed to choose the one that suits you.
1.      Personal savings: probably the healthiest source of capital that already exists that is based on the savings that you have done for some time. The risk is minimal because capital is 100% of your property. Also, no interest or payment obligations to third parties of any kind.
2.      Known Financing (friends or family): This is a highly recommended source of capital because it is based on the good reputation that your family and friends have of you. If you have proven to be a responsible, dutiful and determined to achieve goals, you probably have all the credibility needed for an uncle or friend capitalist is willing to offer financial support. Of course, in this second form if you should consider the remuneration of any gain financial support provided. The recommended time is one or two years to repay the loan.
3.      Bank Loan: A highly recommended option since banks will be willing to provide financing for your projects provided they are serious and are properly drafted and presented. The advantage is that the interest charge may be minimal and terms ranging from 1-5 years. Since then, the payment of the credit must be considered within your accounting and still have a utility that allows you to grow and develop. Another advantage of this is that if you keep a good record with your bank, you require further credits will be approved faster and with preferential interest cups.
4.      Credit Cards: Use your credit card as a source of your finance gain and is an option at all recommended. First, because the stakes are too high and this increases the risk and reduces profit margins. Use a card can be an alternative to an emergency in case you need a dedicated team to work that requires and represents an investment of early return. But to pretend that the card is for the acquisition of supplies or services expenses is a challenge of many entrepreneurs. Personally I recommend avoiding this form unless a real emergency.
5.      SME Support Organizations: These are organizations specializing in promoting the development of small and medium enterprises. Training programs regularly work together with the government and provide sources of funding to entrepreneurs who demonstrate serious interest projects and long term. Similar to bank credit application, you need to develop a document outlining the feasibility of your business project. Another great advantage is that the interest, if any, are very small. The disadvantage is that capital can flow slowly because eventually procedures can be very bureaucratic.
In short, what you want to be the sources of funding you seek, it is important to keep in mind as an entrepreneur the following points to be taken seriously by your source of capital:
• The approval of a loan depends primarily on how expose your business project. Do it in a serious and professional will help you get a positive response.
• Must include complete information on the legality of the business and the guarantees you offer to respond the borrowed capital.
• You must have a bank record good and this includes an excellent record in the use of your credit cards.
• You must have an excellent work history.
• You must have experience and knowledge in the field where you will develop your project. This may be applicable to your partners.
• You must clearly display the amount you need and describe how it will be used and invested in the business.
With these tips in hand I think you'll be properly prepared to go and seek financial support you need to expand your business to new heights.

Hope you find this article useful. 


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