Successful women entrepreneurs who started their businesses in crisis

In some cases, the crisis may be the greatest blessing that can happen to people and countries, because the crisis brings progress.
Creativity is born from anguish, as the day comes from the dark night. It's in crisis that inventive is born, discoveries, and big strategies.
Today I bring you the story of five women entrepreneurs who have started their business in times of crisis.  
Rosa Fernandez-Velilla
Partner and Managing Director of
Twitter: @ KerriaRose
HR director was a real estate consultant and after seeing many people, it was my turn. I recycled it, made two masters (one of them, the MIB ISDI with Nacho de Pinedo) and rode my business e-commerce.
We sell lingerie, swimwear and pajamas online. We do very well. In addition, I teach e-business in various masters and write technical notes for IESE. I am a born fighter. I do not surrender. Became the biggest stick my life in the beginning of my real career. Now I am happy with what I do. Before I was just satisfied. I conformed. Now, I am fulfilling my dream.
 Rebecca Turbi
Founder and Executive Director of ARA Agència. Cabinet communication.
Twitter: @ AgenciaARA
I am a journalist and after seven years working on an external communication department, last year I despidieron.Empecé to considering several options, but always had in mind to create my own business and not suffer again with another boss.
After I decided family support and create Agència ARA, my own communication department, covering all facets of communication I'm interested and passionate about. I just started and all beginnings are hard, you encounter many obstacles, but I have 31 years and a lifetime ahead, I have hope and I love my profession. My motto is: 'Do not dream your life, live your dream' and this I am.
 Marie Claire Betancourt de Leon
Founder and Director of Carittas
Twitter: @ carittasjewelry
The story is told by her husband:
My wife fired a UK broker. He was looking for work, many interviews and offers unacceptable. You know, children, domestic, etc..
In three months has mounted an online custom wristbands with names of sons, daughters, godchildren, grandchildren, etc.. Wow for now!
And I really proud. Work from home (like a beast) and the business is growing in every way. There are almost no fixed costs, margins are very interesting and is a scalable model and to internationalize little by little ...
Cristina Franco
Founder and Digital Marketing Manager at Digitalpymes.
Twitter: @ digitalpymes
Almost two years ago, after 24 working in a multinational company, I was unemployed with 41 years and mother of two young children! With mortgage and no college degree, my experience was only "administrative-accounting-staff trainer-manager, etc ...", that is: NOTHING!
My husband, Jordi Sabater owns a small company dedicated to web design, programming and e-commerce consulting. Due to the crisis, large customers curtailed their spending and the company saw its turnover dramatically.
It was time to make a decision. Me with my training and my personal situation would not easily find a good paying job, and Jordi could not sit idly by watching them come. So, after many laps and many late-night conversations, we decided to launch a project we had in mind to time.
Resources available: symbolic.
My experience and knowledge on the Internet at the time, minimum.
Enthusiasm and excitement: all.
Financial need: a medium term, yes.
Thus was born DigitalPymes: a digital community for SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals.
During this past year I have suffered the side effects of entrepreneurs, I have seen very little of my children, ages 9 and 4 years, my house was a camp battle, and sleeping became something that is excessively valued.
After nearly two years, the project is starting with a good feeling. But being entrepreneurial and mother in times of crisis is very hard. Now, I must say that so far, the experience is very positive and that makes it even without high economic revenues continue without losing the enthusiasm and drive. We continue to build and expand our project. Moreover, we are preparing our first round of funding.
 Ana Sevilla
Twitter: @ casapopup
I was unemployed during the crisis, (10 years of executive secretary), with 36 years, 2 children aged 4 and 1 ... And I decided to start a new project. In my case, an online games as cardboard house for children. I'm putting the finishing touches to the design, paypal integration, sales and marketing campaign ... and receiving goods from the UK.
 Good luck to these entrepreneurs who have become examples to all.


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