Ten tips to innovate your small business

This innovate at first glance seems like science fiction for a small business-like I had some years-or a partisan self-that is what I am now. However, innovation is simply "change or modify something, introducing new"..hmm..cake???.

It seems desirable to introduce new products, both out of the routine and to improve our way of doing things and our results. Here's a goal that surely we would all do our: how can we maximize our revenue while maintaining a balance in our personal lives.
I can think of 10 ways to innovate in small things we do not need a doctorate in engineering:

1. Whenever the innovation budget permits you buy yourself Lateral and clear cut thinking. Talk about how to think with a clear mind, break clich├ęs typical all jobs (to a greater or lesser extent, we are all bureaucrats), and lose the fear of innovation.
2. Format your little innovation team. This is not to surround you with glasses ass engineers’ bottle but restless people who want to improve performance i
n turn of environment, improving their own performance.

3. Involve your customers in the design of any new product or offer. Nobody knows more about your product than those who consume it.

4. If your idea does not rise blisters on your company, may not be as good as you think. If it is safe, maybe more of the same, right?

5. And if more of it and do not invest your money or your time on it. In the market there are plenty of undifferentiated products (about 80% are).

6. Do not run. Innovation in the important thing is to reach the finish line first. You come up with something incredibly good (or at least the best possible). Think of Google, which came to market four years after Yahoo. Did you do your searches on Yahoo?

7. Do not isolate yourself, grow your relationships. When you deal, you increase your chances of someone share with you new ideas, allowing you to compare yours and ultimately inspire you. On the other hand your network adds value to your contribution as a professional; you dedicate yourself to what you spend.

8. Share the knowledge. Because it is cumulative, your creativity will build on your neighbor. Do not fear being robbed an idea. Nobody takes gold with an idea, but in execution.

9. Take ideas borrowed proudly. This is something I learned working for our client BAT from G2. Big businesses successes have come from running while the idea of ​​a third party.
10. Invest in yourself. If you want to read, read something that inspires you and you will remember (can be Dan Brown, why not?. And if you can, rest. Leave for tomorrow what you do not essential today.

Believe me not only the giant players but also all the small guys in the commercial world are doing their best to become smart in their business, and yes they do all survive through innovation and creativity. 

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