How can owning a great blog helps you to grow your business?

Promote an online store: I realize the importance of the blog to get visibility and confidence to attract any form of electronic commerce . No blog no sales. It is a tool not quick or easy but necessary
Promoting a business to have customers through internet: I always thought that to have a website designed and positioned well enough to attract customers. But the sites are no longer sufficient . Potential customers want to know how you can help . Learn from mistakes, I made ​​my website before my blog and so are separated .
Get conference talks and my experience to date in order to participate in a talk or conference is to have good relationships or what I call a good networking. Post to a blog allows the person who hires and your listeners validate the information provided.
Access new projects: Internet offers the possibility to professionals like us to participate in projects conducted throughout the country , distance is no longer an impediment to work with the best in each section and the best at low cost.
Monetize minijobs: It seems that fashion is about minijobs . It is an alternative way to earn income on the network for professionals providing services without having your own online store service. Consumers are sure to work with a platform that helps many people. It's harder to disappear from one day to another .
What has helped me in my blog post for my personal life ?
I ponder continually . Writing forces me to think and I like that because it helps me be a better professional and a better person .
 I have learned to clarify my ideas that also help me in writing my reports and my marketing plans .
I learned by reading other bloggers . I learn from them , their way of expression and their experiences. Every situation is different but learn from those with more experience and has been through the same as you , always helps to improve and overcome the difficulties .
I have experienced the solidarity of the blogger who offers his experience and knowledge to people who know , who shares when deemed interesting content even competition.
It makes me happy . There are many people who think that being happy is lying on the beach.
Outside the online world , often I blog see it as a bit strange and foreign , but I am experiencing increasing interest if compared to what happened a few years ago . The blog is a communication tool that is here to stay and I'm glad to be taking at least experience .
What does it mean to you to have a blog ?

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