Strategies that help to boost customer base

Your customers are the key to your success. But do you really know ? By taking the time to understand them and facilitating their things when it comes to doing business with you , you 're more likely to increase your sales and improve your results. Here are some strategies to help you .
Get to know your customers
To close a sale with a new customer or an existing customer, you must first know you who he is and what their needs are . You can track the buying habits of customers by looking at least once a year your sales data . You can also designate your staff to talk to customers about their needs.
This information may also be collected by external consultants market research or by surveys of your existing customers using one of the many free online tools or low-cost , such as Survey Monkey . To increase the participation rate of customers to your online surveys , offer them a reward, such as the chance to win an iPod or a discount on their next purchase.
Reward your best customers. Recruit a new customer requires more time and effort than to keep an existing customer. Show your appreciation to your best customers by offering discounts to those who sent you friends or family members . Consider offering special pricing to customers who do business with you frequently or pass orders over average, or when offering incentives to customers who reach a certain volume of purchases .
Send Christmas greetings or personalized birthday key customers . A simple thank you card can also help ensure that your customers will not forget you .
Increase your sales from your existing customers. Be on the lookout for these opportunities to increase sales to existing customers :
Sales of related products and suroffres . Encourage your employees to sell a product or service related to your existing customers , for example, a guarantee , an extended maintenance program or additional items that may be useful.
Bundle products . Bundle products or services and offer them at an affordable price to encourage existing customers to do the test.
Join forces . By partnering with a complementary business ( a candy store and a florist, for example) as part of a special promotion, you can extend the range of your products and services to your existing customers and attract new ones.
Provide additional information. Make sure that your existing customers are the first to be informed of your new products or services, special promotions or upcoming changes in your business . Feel free to use social media - blogs, Facebook , Twitter, or even a simple email - to your promotion.
Accept credit card payments. Another way to make sales is to offer your customers simple ways to pay for their purchases . Give them the greatest number of options - cash, debit card, credit card - and be on the lookout for technological innovations that can help you provide more convenient and flexible payment .
Take advantage of sales opportunities online. Even customers who do not buy online often use the Internet to research products and companies that are interested. Whether you use online ads, the banners or your own website, make sure your web presence is so convincing that you display in your other sales channels . Do not miss to exploit the potential of Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to reach your existing customers and new markets .
Develop a marketing strategy. Used effectively , marketing and advertising can help publicize your business further and increase its profitability. The choice of method will vary depending on your goals , your target market and your budget.
For example, taking part in community events and charitable and advertisements in local newspapers are inexpensive ways to promote your business. You can also write articles in the newspapers or magazines to make customers know you as an expert in your field.


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