How can you promote your brand among your niche?

This would be the ultimate aim of selecting a profitable niche and if you know how to do correctly, then you will be very successful. You can select advertising, direct marketing, personal selling and even sales promotions as your mean of promoting. It all depends on your product category. Here I am only focusing on advertising.

Broadcast media (use radio for advertising): Radio may not be considered as glamorous as Tele-vision. It makes it more difficult to attract some talented professionals to design ads. Local radio has a particularly close to a local image and if your niche consists local people, then you can go for it. Talented radio professionals make their listeners to remember the ad.

Tele-vision: Due to the high exposure, glamour, and audiovisual impact of the Tele-vision, it has become the favored medium of buying new products, raising brand awareness and loyalty among your niche. Nowadays re-positioned brands also use this medium to attract their new niches. (Ex: Tigo) Tele-vision ads have short life-spans, most ads last for 15 or 30 seconds.

Outdoor media: Poster advertising is one of the oldest media for consumer goods advertising, sites on walls, hoardings and bus shelters and they can be leased for per calendar month.

Cinema: Cinema advertising takes advantage of high audiovisual impact and the captive audience but still requires a high quality and entertaining value.

Internet: forty years ago, the newest medium was Tele-vision, about 17 years ago it was cable Tele-vision and currently it is the internet. There is evidence that Tele-vision audiences are migrating to the internet. In the US, over a million prime time Tele-vision viewers have shifted to internet. Niche segmentation is very easy to accomplish with internet.

So now you have to decide on which one is really suitable for you. If you have anything to ask, you are encouraged to do so.


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