Small apparel factories in Asian countries do benchmark in their niche markets by promoting CSR initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) now has become a key to promote businesses, brands and even specific business units. CSR is one best way to show others that a company really cares about its society, environment, employees, and all other stakeholders. Why do most companies fail to gain their real outcomes that they ought to get from their CSR initiatives is because they downside to use it as a mean of promotion. Whether you are in a small business or engaged in large business, moral CSR would be the ultimate point where you can serve your business towards a successful sustainable survival.
Small apparel business firms in Asian countries do practice CSR as a very effective mean of promoting their business deals among their buyers or small niche markets. In countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and China, there are enormous amount of small apparel factories. However, it will not be sensible to say that they all factories play very successful in their businesses. Most of these export-oriented firms’ prime revenue sources are the countries in Europe, United States of America and other western countries who buy from them. Since these factories are small in scale, they mostly survive in their businesses with only one or two buyers who buy from them in a temporary basis. Nevertheless, there are also very successful small apparel firms with more than thousand employees and they earn a good income. Let us try to look-into further on why there is such a discrepancy. 
Noticeably successful firms are engaged in CSR activities and for sure, it remains as one of the main reasons for their sustainable survival. ‘CSR is one of the main reasons for why my buyers are insisting with my business and when a deal comes to end, my partners (buyers) always recommend other about my business’ said Mr. Bandula CEO of Rainbow Private Limited a medium size garment in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, it is not to say that just actively participating and promoting CSR initiatives among your niche would only let your business to go up. Do not forget that CSR alone would never work unless if your business is up to the expected quality and customers’ requirements.  
There are some interesting stories on how small apparel factories in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, China and Thailand promote their CSR initiates among their niches (buyers). Milking scheme, vegetable scheme are two interesting ways how these firms do CSR with their employees and society. Most of these firms are situated in far villages and the people who live there are poor. Under milking scheme, the company will provide cows to some specific employees and all of the employees must take care of the cows. So that there is a basis and according to that basis, each employee must provide food to the cows and the milk will be equally distributed to the employees. Vegetable scheme also work in a similar manner.
It seems really funny as well interesting and these firms really being successful as they gain very loyal customers and a loyal niche market (buyers). Most of the buyers have started to prefer CSR in their choice of selecting suppliers as they a know a firm that takes care of employees and other stakeholders would take care of its buyers or customers as well.
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