Today’s millionaires; yes, they just started it small few years ago

For many, who start a small business, their foremost goal is to make some millions out of it. Yeap, this vision can bring a good energy into the business and is one good way to make a quick success formula. Very inspiringly, many people who make millions today are the ones who started with small startups, they didn’t have big buildings, they didn’t have a brand, only thing they had is a vision and a clear understanding on what they are doing. Let’s see some of these people who make millions today while looking at how they started few years back. Christian Owens, a 16 years old young e-entrepreneur from UK is making 1000, 000 dollars out of his business (, 2011). Well, he is the co-founder of Branchr a pay per click advertising company, which is used among more than 300 million users on the net. In earlier days, he was selling Mac OS X applications through his website and did make some money out of it. However, he was not satisfied with the success and jumped into the concept of Branchr and now he owns some employees who work for him saying that his mother is also employed at Branchr. Zuckerberg, is another millionaire whose company is making 710 million to 1 billion dollars in revenue. We all know it for sure; yes, it is face-book. Face-book was only used among the Harvard students when Zuckerberg started it for fun, later expanded to university students, and now it has become next to a basic need for all who are above eighteen. Kevin Rose, another millionaire who is the co-founder of Digg, a networking site that helps in promoting links. The main reasoning behind the success of Digg is that this site owes an outstanding concept that fulfills the need of promoting websites for anyone who own a website. Elizabeth Bennett, is a female entrepreneur who actually boosted her business with e-bay. She is the owner of AfricaDirect a company that sells clothing and art products, which are purely focused on African lifestyle. However, she didn’t do a smart business when she did it offline, later she got to notice that she can try e-bay. Well, the things changed quiet a lot, she made some sales, and slowly she started making millions. That is all right, you must have got some hope now. A small business can make millions, however, what is needed is a good concept, a vision and dedication, and however, yes it takes some time.
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Well said. It is motivating

interesting. i am about to start my small business soon. hope i can go there.

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