Guess it who is going to buy HP; Google or the guys in Asia?

The hot news in the PC market is that the world’s number one PC maker is trying to sell a part of its business (Personal Systems Group) to any related players in the industry.  In other words, HP currently hunts for a business acquisition that would be significantly creating impacts on its future. Who knows the buyer might be from Asia, but news alerts from Yahoo and Reuter claims that HP is too big for the Asian guys.
However, plausibly nothing is too big in the world of business and here are highlights on the strategies that made HP damn successful over the past years before hunting on who might buy its business. HP’s mantra of its strategic success has been pointed up on three major aspects that are cloud computing, connectivity and its software.  HP owes proud to claim as the industry first & open apps market store for cloud computing that too uniquely stands for consumerization, user friendliness, and secure platform. Consequently, consumerization has been an ultra need for HP since consumers have become dynamic bargainers who owe other options with other global brands that almost equally competing with HP utilizing their functional and conceptual similarities such as quality, user friendliness, brand recognition, and cheaper cost margin of production. However, HP was brilliant enough to understand and capture the market gaps and its strategic move made its business great in past and is going to be too.
Now let’s come to a common question that anyone would be interested in asking is that why HP is so keen to sell its partial business. Well, the answer is that HP’s Personal Systems Group is meeting a demise nowadays especially its WebOS based on Linux. In this case, Microsoft seems to have clear strategy since it has produced OS for a particular period, which HP has failed to do. Now, here are the most common guesses by the analysts on who can buy HP; Google (of course) Samsung & Lenovo (why not?).  Google can be the best guess if there is no Android and why would Google bother to invest big billions without customizing Android as an all in one solution for all PC systems? HP & Google acquisition seems not to have clear gains not like Google Vs Motorola since Googlerola can easily capture the top positions in the industry.  Next Samsung and Lenovo do only have the liquid capacity to buy HP, however according to Yahoo News, experts say that these companies also will be interested in buying a small part of HP’s business. 

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