South Indian saree innovations; do they seem to be fancy?

Saree has been remaining as the most preferred outfit option for many Indian women not only to express Indian tradition in their dressing but also to explicit a conservative, pretty rich, and of course a comfortable look in their dressing that unique them from other women. That is why; Sarees remain as the foremost choice when it comes to traditional occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies, overbeating the competition of Shalwars, Kurtas and other modern choices. However, the western influence in the youth dressing style has exaggeratedly started pushing any saree manufacturer towards a need of combining tradition with modern way of wearing Sarees allowing wearers to feel more comfortable too.
Some of the leading players in the South Indian Market seem to well convert this gab/need into profitable market opportunity. Sri Kumaran Chennais, which is one of the leading Apparel players in South India, has always been spotlighted for its innovation in Saree manufacturing. Sri Kumaran was first to launch the concept of  jodi-pattu’, which meant to include a shirt material coloured matching to the saree and the conception here is to allow a couple to wear matching colours. ‘Pocket saree’ is also another baby of Sri Kumaran, which just combines a functional benefit ‘pocket’ in a saree allowing wearers to keep their mobile phones and other small things safely. ‘Denim saree’ is another net used to attract some young fishes in, this meant combining traditional and modern lifestyles together and an endeavor of integrating the conservative and comfortable way of wearing into one point.
RMKV is another Apparel player, which embark in the industry with its well-known notions of innovation. This company has introduced ‘Durbar Krishna Saree’, which is promoted to spread luck among the people who wear it. This saree depicts a popular picture of Lord Krishna and outlined with Swarovski crystals. Integration of the religious impression into mass perception has made this novel concept popular in India.
Very recently, Swaramadhuri made a revolution in this industry by assimilating Apple’s latest technology ipod into a saree inclusive of eight micro speakers and a 2GB memory chip. Though, it seems bit stimulating a much fancy look and can be questioned whether is it really needed for people, this approach also can be taken as a clever move of expanding the business towards American Indians or even Americans.
Referencing to the above mentioned ideas, these companies have well-identified their market opportunities and benchmark in their businesses by adding traditional values to their unique products. However, the lacking point is that they all fail to build innovation as a solution of functionality or usability gabs providing that their focus seems to be spammed up with fancy ideas. It would be great if they do go for functional innovations that last for a long time, for an example, the latest trend in western clothing industry is manufacturing skin-friendly clothing (from materials such as hemp and bamboo) that allows skin to breathe properly, which is intended to solve allergic problems caused by some thick materials. Therefore, these companies must be convivialing real life solutions as innovations rather than focusing on fancy ideas though they do perform well in short-term.  
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