Niche journalism; does it sound to be a latest trend?

A traditional journalist may doubt on the correlation between journalism and niche marketing. However, as a definite promise, there is a new trend spreading all over the world, which is known, called, or even identified as niche journalism. There cannot be a further simpler explanation if I say it is all about providing a journalistically structured, meanwhile informative content to a specific group of people who would like read on that specific subject. Therefore, the journalist keeps on updating news in a creative way, which is related to that specific topic. This niche journalism has become much consecrated with the New Media sources such as blogs, podcasting sources, Article directories and other Web-based Medias. The best advantage of practicing niche-journalism is that people will not be annoyed with the un-necessary information and most obviously, the people who will remain with that specific journalist would be the ones who are related to that topic and it ensures they become loyal. Therefore, what one needs to understand is that there is no such difference between a company that practices niche marketing strategic approach and a niche-journalist who only writes and podcasts focusing on a specific topic in which, he or she is passionate about. Accordingly, in both cases, unnecessary investment, pointless efforts, and in-expensive promotions from the perspective of their returns get avoided and of course, it saves a good time and money. You got it? Do not forget to read the following pieces as well.


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an article that spotlights on the latest trend

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