Hot plants bring sky-scarping profits; the evergreen agriculture

Farming and gardening have turned to be the hot industries that bring some six-figure dollars in the world market. Traditional farmers could never afford to a luxury life-style and were often vulnerable to the environmental disasters (I mean farmers who plant rice, corn and vegetables). The utmost reasoning can be that they were not educated and it reduced their efficiency of outcome though they worked hard. What I mean with my concern on efficiency is that they could not afford a better result for the energy, time, and money what they had invested. As an optimistic sign, now agriculture has turned to be the evergreen industry that brings dollars in painful economic times as well (such on recessions). However, some specific plants only bring sky-scraping profits and the foremost concern for a farmer regarding his efficiency would be to decide on which plant to choose, whether he is eligible on his planting abilities. Now let’s see some of the ever-green plants that bring profits in a short time with a minimum investment. First credit goes to mushrooms especially for the Oyster mushrooms, which can be planted in a cost effective way and cultivated within just two weeks. Mushroom plantation doesn’t require a large space of land, and a huge investment on time and effort. A huge mushroom farm may require a big capital such 50 000 dollars though a small scale production can be done with a small investment. For a small farmer, he will need some basic ingredients such as cellulose materials (toilet tissues, sawdust etc), spawns and a small space where he allows mushrooms to grow and fruit (he can afford his dining room if it is large enough). Due to the nutritious characteristics of mushrooms and due to the boosting demand for organic foods, mushrooms have become the most preferred in the world. The second credit goes to spicy plants such as pepper, garlic, and ginger. Nevertheless, these plants are not that easier as mushrooms to grow and cultivate, they also bring sky-scrapping profits into farming due to their high demand in the world restaurants and in the snack manufacturing companies. Third credit goes to cut fresh flowers such as Rose & Jasmine, and yes, they sell like hot cakes in feminine dominated industries such as beauty care, perfume manufacturing, and flower greeting. Well, the last but not the least preference goes to medical herbs, pomegranate, papaya and for sure, Bamboo. Medical herbs, papaya, and pomegranate do sell well in the market for their medicinal uses. When it comes to Bamboo, yes it has become a hot-chick in different industries. Bamboo is now used in garmenting industry also to manufacture skin-friendly outfits so that the use of Bamboo in world market pushes a huge demand towards this scary resource and is embarking a bargain for Bamboo growers for a high price.                
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really a niche article. i was searching on can agriculture brings profit and ended up with ur blog. good.

yes, i agree agriculture is the most profitable business in demand nowadays

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