Cupcakes bargain for a hot selling in the fast (fancy?) food industry

Sprinkles Cupcakes started with one woman who enjoyed making cupcakes for her family and has progressed into a thriving chain of upscale cupcake bakeries where a dozen cupcakes will set you back approximately $40. The cupcakes at Sprinkles are not even fancy. There are varieties of cupcake and frosting choices, but the cupcakes themselves are not hard to make (, 2010). Astoundingly, cupcakes have turned to be the most demanded and wanted species in the fast-food industry. I am pretty- sure that there would be no mouth that says NO to cupcakes now. The reasons may be that cupcakes look really fancy in their appearance, extremely taste well, seem to suit for any occasions (such weddings & birthday parties etc) and so on providing that these enchanting factors make anyone to love them. However, the real fact behind the success of many cupcake companies is the significant amount of investment that they have made on social networking Medias especially on Face-book. These companies do customize their Ads based on the democratic factor Age, and they are targeted among youngsters. The biggest success behind the strategy of any leading cupcakes business is that they are even positioned as gift items, and a young person who wish to give cupcakes as a gift to a friend or someone can simply order them online or via phone and can make cupcakes to be delivered to them on the date as preferred. So here is the logic behind cupcakes; any product, which is targeted among youngsters would slowly spread to the matured crowds too considering youngsters as the best influencers in the decision making cycle. That is it, cupcakes are in the hot trend, and that is why they are known to be hot cakes. Therefore, it can be a good business for small starters and the foremost investment here must be made on the creativity. So, how would a clever businessman or women differentiate his or her business from others who just play the same game over there? This is where creativity starts bargaining on the niche focused trend. What would it be, if someone starts selling cupcakes only for the people who suffer from diabetics? Differentiation can be done in terms of flavors as well; one may try different flavors than just going in the rational way, alcoholic and strawberry flavors may be the best choices. Combining of deserts, pudding, and ice cream with cupcakes is also a good way to make them sell better, and is used by some limited suppliers in some specific countries. Whatever it is, creativity would bring a lot into this business, and there are two ways in one can start a business with cupcakes. First, one may start a catering business where she or he only takes orders for special occasions and this can be done at home. Second, one may start a cafe where anyone who loves sweets may come and order a customized cupcake after seeing a huge list of list. In both ways, there is a huge role of marketing, networking, creativity and the inborn entrepreneurial skills.
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interesting article too

Its a very informaitve one.

first thing i want to tell you is that cupcakes is not a quick riche scheme. but u can win something in a long term basis. so u need to concentrate on capturing a niche market for that and to make them loyal by ur unmatched values such after sales services. then only you can think of profits.

But i think u can be profitable in a short term as as well by providing some creative ideas. i think ideas such as alcoholic flavor and all may work better.

No. cupcakes is a good business for those who want to start a home based business. but as any other business, it also needs investment and one must wait for some time to get some profits

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