What makes spas different and profitable?

Spas have turned to be the most profitable and most demanding business in the current trend. The reason is very simple. People want to relax, they want a healthy life, they want to make their life towards a dynamic path and most specifically they want to achieve it naturally. However, it is not to say that each spa is willing to attract customers in, and this logic denotes the inability of succeeding in a business by just being a normal service provider.
This realization has made many spas very luxurious, unique in their own strategies of differentiation, owing selected loyal customers every month in a customary basis, which lastly demand them towards very expensive charges. However, the good news is that many spa visitors are willing to pay high amounts. Island Experience Maldives is such a big player in this industry, differentiating its business by narrowing its niche only to men. Therapists work for ``Island Experience`` do use different creams and different way of massaging for men.  This spa`s key slogan is to allow men to enjoy the spa service in a masculine way as maximum as possible.
A beauty with South-African spas is that they do also provide additional services such as music and dance entertainments revealing their culture. Therefore, a customer who visits a spa in South-Africa would also get an opportunity of enjoying the cultural entertainments. Another interesting concern here can be that some spas in France do take advantage of the wine, the therapists use to massage with wine named to be vinotherephy a latest trend in this industry.
Above examples ensure the importance of differentiating the strategies intending to unique the businesses. Some spa players even try to differentiate with their locations, by assimilating spas into mountain-peak areas, beach resorts or any calm places blessed with natural beauty. An unconditional service that should be added to any spas is that they should provide meals to their customers.  Some spas provide packs of village style healthy meals and the healthiness of meals also have turned to be one such important fact that too attracts some fishes in. One example of a village side style would be providing food in banana leaves rather than using polythene.
However, some spas are limiting their service to a specific part in order to specialize in that field. For example, there are spas that only provide foot massage, which seems to be a clever approach at the current moment since ladies have become more conscious about their legs. Therefore, whatever the approaches used to make a spa unique, there are three concerns that should be considered which are, spas should be the destinations of their customers` relaxing, healthiness and entertainment.   
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